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Sample Letter Written By Your Governor

President Joe Biden                 Date:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President:

Your resolve in honoring our veterans and military would be historically demonstrated by using your authority to designate a State Funeral in Washington, DC for the last Medal of Honor recipient from the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.  

American President's awarded 147 Medals of Honor to men who fought in the Korea, and 235 to men who fought in Vietnam.Only one MOH holder remains from Korea and less than 45 from Vietnam.  

The last living Medal of Honor recipient from Korea is a hero well known to you. He is retired United States Army Col. Ralph Puckett of Georgia.   You presented him with our nation's highest military award at the White House on May 21. 2021.  

A State Funeral in Washington DC would honor military service, educate younger generations about the sacrifices of Americans in earlier wars and boost military morale, while providing a final salute to Korean War and Vietnam War generations.  

The national non-profit organization that created this idea is State Funeral for War Veterans,  Co-Founded by 10 year old Rabel McNutt and her father Bill McNutt. They were successful getting the last Medal of Honor recipient from World War II, Hershel "Woody" Williams to be lain in honor in the rotunda of the capitol in July 14, 2022.  It was the first time in the 246 year history of our country that an enlisted man was given this honor.  

President Harding designated a State Funeral for the Unknown Soldier from World War I in 1928, President Truman designated a State Funeral for General John J. Pershing in 1946, President Kennedy authorized a State Funeral for General MacArthur prior to death and President Lyndon B. Johnson confirmed Kennedy's directive.

The designation is urgent. Col. Ralph Puckett was born in 1926.

This solemn, patriotic, and unique occasion will unify the American people in a non-partisan, non-political way.
I and the citizens of the great state of ___________ urge you to make this designation quickly.  


Governor, State of _________________-


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