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State Board Members

Alabama State Chair - Alex Guthrie

Alabama Board Member(s) -

Alaska State Chair -  Charlie Huggins

Alaska Board Member(s) - 

Arizona State Chair -  Ellen Wesley

Arizona Board Member(s) -

Arkansas State Chair - Chuck Adkins

Arkansas Board Member(s) - Greg Bischof

California State Chair - Open

California Board Member(s) -  David Oates

Colorado State Chair - Open

Colorado Board Member(s) - 

Connecticut State Chair - Vacate as the spring of 2023

Connecticut Board Member(s) - 

Delaware State Chair - Vacant as of November 1, 2022

Delaware Board Member(s) - 

Florida State Co-Chair - General Judge Patt Maney, Chris Reed

Florida Board Member(s) - Warren Goff

Georgia State Chair - John Lally 

Georgia Board Member(s) -

Hawaii State Chair - Lynne Waters

Hawaii Board Member(s) - Clayton Hee

Idaho State Chair - Abe Abrahamson

Idaho Board Members(s) - 

Illinois State Chair - John Galer

Illinois Board Member(s) - 

Indiana State Chair - Open

Indiana Board Member(s) - Gene Anderson

Iowa State Chair - Scott Moline

Iowa Board Member(s) - 

Kansas State Chair - Randy Frank

Kansas Board Members(s) - David Warnken

Kentucky State Chair - Brent Casey

Kentucky Board Member(s) - Chad Graham, Pat O'Leary, and Dan Haddix

Louisiana State Chair - Major James S.C. Baehr, USMC 

Louisiana Board Member(s) - Lance J. Armentor, Gayle Hatch and Mike Nichols, Dr. Duke Eversmeyer, Dave Walker

Maine State Chair - Todd Schultz

Maryland State Chair - Timothy McClees

Maryland Board Member(s) - Ron Orad

Massachusetts State Chair - Frank Kemp

Massachusetts Board Member(s) - Tommy Lyons, Gary Murad 

Michigan State Chair - John Ryder

Michigan Board Member(s) -

Minnesota State Chair - Don Loeslie

Minnesota Board Member(s) -  Lee Egerstrom, Mark Kroulik

Mississippi State Chair - Larry Harvey

Mississippi Board Member(s) - 

Missouri State Chair - Gary Allen

Missouri Board Member(s) -

Montana State Chair - Barbara Skelton and Carol Lalani - Co Chairs

Nebraska State Chair - Fred Craigie

Nebraska Board Member(s) - William Crosier, James Costello, Douglas Frahm, Karl Frederickson, Wade Graft, William Foster, and Michael Reimers

New Hampshire State Chair - Tim Baxter

New Hampshire Board Member(s) - 

New Jersey State Chair - Joe Griffies

New Jersey Board Member(s) - Hannah Mori, Jackie Burns, General Doug Satterfield, Dr. Rev. Paul V. McCullough, Thomas Will Sheehan, Nancy Cooney, Larry Hogan, Elsie Stevens, Patrick Hughes, Collen Griffies

New Mexico State Chairs - Ken Riege
State Board Member: Gary Smouse,

New Mexico Board Member - Becky Christmas

Nevada State Chair - Dev Ramsamy

Nevada Board Member(s) - 

New York State Chair - Open

New York Board Member(s) -  

North Carolina State Chair - Patricia Harris

North Carolina Board Member(s) - Arthur "Sandy" McElfresh, Tammy Williams

North Dakota State Chair - Bill Rindy

North Dakota Board Member(s) - 

Ohio State Chair - Open

Ohio Board Member(s) -

Oklahoma State Chair - Anne Hollaway

Oklahoma Board Member(s) - Sam McPherson

Oregon State Chair - Keith Wittnebel

Oregon Board Member(s) - 

Pennsylvania State Chair - Bill Whitmoyer

Pennsylvania Board Member(s) - Patrick O'Brian, Carl Curtis

Rhode Island State Chair - Matthew Elias

Rhode Island Board Members(s) -

South Carolina Chair - Dr. Hallman Bryant

South Carolina Board Member(s) - 

South Dakota Chair - Bill Casper

South Dakota Board Member(s) -  

Tennessee State Chair - Chairs: Charles Sell

Tennessee Board Member(s) - Geoff Post

Texas State Chair -  Susana Rabel

Texas Board Member(s) - George Seay, Chuck Wright, Allen Dickey, Joe Hill, Kirk Dooley, Carol Caughey and Scott Graves, Matt Woolbright,Carla Sanson, Emerson Swalwell

Utah State Chair - Randy Edwards

Utah Board Member(s) - Jill Atwood, Michelle Bridges, Joshua Emfield, Gordon Ewell, Tara Joyner, Mike Kipp, Robert "Bob" D. Pagnani, and Kraig Thorne

Vermont State Chair - Dave Woodward

Vermont Board Member(s) -

Virginia State Chair - Elliott Warren

Virginia Board Member(s) - Glenn Yarborough, Steve Meyers and Gordon Farmer

Washington State Chair - Robert Olivarez

Washington  Board Member(s) - George Harmer

Washington DC  Chair - Duyane Norman 

Washington  DC Board Member(s) - 

West Virginia State Chair - Todd Morris

West Virginia Board Member(s) - Charles Baisden, Mara Boggs, Chuck Flannery, Luke Goodwin, Richard Shank, Jean Lamb, James McCormick (click here to read about his Silver Star action), Owen Stout, and General Allen Tackett

Wisconsin State Chair - Paul Fisk

Wisconsin  Board Member(s) - Open

Wyoming State Chair - Keith Davidson

Wyoming Board Member(s) -

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